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it was not an ordinary accident

According to one of the website the Masvingo-Harare road is a two lane route. The place where the crash occurred is on a kilometre-long (0.6 miles) stretch of clear road, sandwiched between two commercial farmlands. As the nation ponders on the latest tragedy, many questions are being asked and concerns are being raised over the security of government officials. How a convoy of three vehicles, with one in the middle carrying the second most important person in the land, got involved in a car crash, is what has perplexed me.

How the oncoming lorry, which apparently belonged to a partner of the US government aid agency USAID, is thought to have crossed into the prime minister's path, sideswiping the right bumper of Mr Tsvangirai's Land Cruiser, which then rolled off the highway?

If you look at the circumstances surrounding the accident, they show that there is not as much security as one would have wanted, not that you can prevent an accident, but I'm sure it must give a lot of lessons about the security framework. I have learnt that when Mugabe travells he goes with the minimum of fifteen vehicles, motor bikes and ambulances.

It's very depressing, I think happening within the first three weeks of the new inclusive government. It's unfortunate that the public will find it unbelievable and that could threaten the whole framework of the new government, especially with another cresh of onether MDC leader when he was from the Suzen Changarai funeral.

It is supprising to hear that at the clinic where Mr Tsvangirai was treated, there was heavy security, state agents and armed police. It appeared like a state expression of loyalty, to avoid giving any credence to conspiracy theories.

I couldn’t agree more with the Zimbabwen Minister of Finance Tendai Biti that Logic would have demanded that police escort be provided to warn other traffic... and this tragedy could have been avoided.

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Ri a tea u divha nga vhahali na mvelelo yashu ya tshivenda

Ranga sedza ano maduvha ri kho thudzela mvelelo kule, ra dovha ra rahela kule vhahali vhashu ngeno rikho hulisa vhathu vha nnda. Ndi amba izwi ndo di sendeka ka fhungo leli la u di hangwisa vha hali vhashu vha Venda, vhathu vhangaho vho Mphephu na vho Makhado. Hezwi ndi kho zwi ambiswa ndo lavhelesa zwithu zwingaho hezwi:
1. Radio I ambaho nga luambo lwadamuni (Phala Phala FM) na yone ikho shela mulenzhe kha u vhulaya mvelele na divha zwakale ya tshivnda. Ndori ndo thetshelesa (station feed back) nga la 12 March 2009 nga awara ya 20:00-21:30 ndapfa munwe muthetshelesi atshi amba nga fhungo leneli la usa amba maduvha a mabebo a mahosi ashu a venda ngeno ro to ima lurandala na u hasha maduvha a mabebo avho (Hitler) vhathu vha seli. Mulanga tshititshi odo di imelela nga uri zwidodombezwa zwa mahosi ashu azwiho kha lubuvhi sefa (internet). Nda di vhudzisa uri ezwi zwine nda dzulela uzwivho duvha na duvha ndi mini?. Radio (phala Phala) a I kho difha tshifhinga tsha u sefa zwidodombedzwa zwa mahosi ashu ano nga vho Mphephu, Makhado etc vhunga zwi hone kha lubuvhi sefa(internet) hezwino ndi kho amba.

2. Mitambo minzhi ya tshivenda tshivenda i no hudza mvelelo yafa na zwikoloni. Mitambo ingaho zwigombela I vho vhulawa zwikoloni zwinzhi, heyi mitambo yovha itshivha I kho imbwa itshi renda mahosi ashu na mashango shu a venda. Heyi mitambo yo dzhielwa vhu imo nga mitambo ingaho majorethe na zwinwe.

Ndi toda u fhana ndivho na vhavhali vha blog yanga uri ndi ngani zwizwa ndeme uri ri hudze mvelele.

Sialala ndi yone thikho ya lushaka, ri tea udi tongisa ngayo. Mvelele ya sialala i thusa u tutuwedza vhana uri vha di bvise kha mikhuvha mivhi i sa fhatiho.Uya nga vharangaphanda vha Vhavenda ndi zwa ndeme uri vhana vha divhe sialala lavho ngauri zwi thusa kha uri vha si hangwe mvelele ya havho.Vha tenda uri u vhulunga mvelele a zwi thusi fhedzi kha u divha iyo mvelele, zwi dovha hafhu zwa thusa uri zwa makwevho na mbambadzo (ikonomi) zwi aluwe.
Mvelele i dovha ya thusa uri vhaswa vha si milwe nga dzinwe mvelele na vhumatshelo havho vhu vhulungee. Musi zwi tshi senguluswa, vhadivhi vha zwa mvelele vha tendelana uri lushaka lu sina mvelele lwo xela. Vhunzhi ha matula ane a khou bvelela musalauno sa vhugevhenga, madwadze angaho sa HIV/AIDS, u tangana ha vhathu vha malofha mathihi zwi khou badekanywa na u xela ha mvelele.

Ndo vhona zwizwa ndeme u dzhenisa zwi dodombezwa zwa vhahali vhashu uri na vhane vha sefa lubuvhi sefa wa zwiwane u leluwa.

Patrick Mphephu
Chief Patrick Ramaano Mphephu (1924-17 April 1988) was the first president of the bantustan of Venda, which was granted nominal independence from South Africa on 13 September 1979.
Mphephu was born in Dzanani settlement and after graduating from high school worked for the Johannesburg City Council. A paramount chief of the Venda ethnic group, he was appointed Chairman of the Ramabulana Regional Authority in 1959, Chief Counsellor of the Venda Legislative Assembly on 1 June 1971 and Chief Minister of the two discontiguous territories on 1 February 1973 when South Africa first implemented the black homeland policy. Mphephu was reelected in elections in August 1973 and his title changed to President upon independence. As President, he was also leader of the Venda National Party, the only recognized political party in the new state. Mphephu died in office and was replaced by his finance minister, Chief Frank N. Ravele.

Khosi Peter Toni Mphephu Ramabulana
born 2nd August 1972 at Nzhelele, educated at Dzanani and Nzhelele Primary Schools, then at Mphephu High School till 1990 and at the University of the North, crowned November 1998 at the Dzanani Palace in the presence of Nelson Mandela, presently he is in the process of transforming the institution of traditional leadership to enable it to be more responsive to today's socio-economic challenges that continues to confront the Venda people.

Khosi THOHOYANDOU [Phophi]
king of the last group of immigrants to arrive in Venda, to the Nzhelele Valley. He conquered and absorbed the inhabitants there and established an empire like structure and his hegemony covered the area from Zambezi to modern Pietersburg, with Dzata as the capital of Venda. He disappeared mysteriously into the unknown and was the last of the kings to have ruled a united Venda kingdom, after his death his sons set up independent chiefdoms, married and had issue. He died about 1790.

Khosi MAKHADO RAMABULANA [Tshilwavhusiku, meaning "Night Fighter"]
Chief of the line of Thohoyandou, 9th in the genealogy of Venda Chiefs, he imposed his rule over all of Venda and was known as the Lion of the North due to his successes against the Boers; married (amongst others), Midana of the Phahwe, and had issue. He died 1895.(#1)

Izwi zwitovha masuto huna mahosi manzhi ,ndi amba divha zwakale ya o hafha kha lubuvhi sefa (internet). Vhathu litshani u isa phungo ya u ri divha zwakale ya mahosi a vho rine a iho kha lubuvhi sefa.

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