Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why women are not allowed in Musangwe

Traditionally speaking, women have been barred from participating or engaging themselves in quite numerous activities. It is this very tradition that contradicts with the emporwernment of women. Our parents during their childhood were told that women must not go to school or even do something that could develop themselves. In addition, it was stated that if a woman goes to school she would instantaneously run mad.

The point is: Every time when elders lay a law, they do so in order to protect or avert harm. We were told in younger ages not to touch our sister's tit or breast to avoid adversity, we were not clearly explained what kind of danger may come upon us, you wouldn't even dare ask why. Elders were trying to avert circumstances where you can rape your own sister. Such things are happening today as I'm writing ; fathers are raping their own children because people are not fearful anymore. Today everything that was prohibited is being practiced; you can touch your sister's breast and fathers can kiss their daughters without 'fear'.
Why women are not allowed in Musangwe? Some believe it will cause some irregularities to women menstural circle, but I don't solely consider that, why can't we find our grannies presence since they do not menstruate? There is more to the story; I understand our ancestors were not dim-witted; there is something they were forestalling.

However, the culture that we embrace dearly also has severe consequences upon us, today mother's "single parents" are struggling alone to put foods on tables hance they were banned to go to school by our grand parents. The men who were thought to be the ones who could go to school and take care of families are no where to be found. Why did our ancestors put such tough laws upon women? What was their agenda?

In our day, women are diverging from the norm; we are witnessing a rapid moral decay, and more divorces Than we actually need. Most empowered women "independent women" don't give a damn of what men suppose. When you differ with her in terms of thoughts she threaten you with divorce. Why modern women are not like the ancient ones? Are they suffering from tolerence fatigue? I mean they have been putting up with men's deeds for quite sometimes so perhaps they are trying to prove a point. But also, it is the Western culture that is aggreviating the problem. People are now caught between two points, (the African culture vs Western culture). Which culture is best for whom?

Women also play a part in their disempowerment, they hail for 50/50 when it suits them. What does "Ladies first mean" mean? Do women actually believe that they are not equal to men? Why must someone be given a special treatment if we are equal? The Western culture also contradicts with women empowernt.

Who is wrong and who is right, culturally and traditionally speaking?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another hot music album by Tshidino

The much-awaited album 'Nne Ndi Nne' is finally out for grabs. It carries influential tracks including Munwe na Munwe, Remembered forever, Mana a Mutukana amongst others.

The multitalented Tshidino released his first solo album in 2009 titled 'Ndi do fa na inwi'. The 12 track album also features Humbulani Ramagwedzha on the track called 'Munwe na Munwe'

"This album tries to accomodate all my fans by conveying mesages in several South African languages, Tshivenda, isiZulu and English and it appeals to young and old alike" said Tshidino.

"The album is dedicated to my last born son, Khodani Ndou who was born on the 12 October 2010, the day I released this album" he maintained.

An exclusive intervew with Tshidino Ndou aka "Chidino"

This time we put a well known Tshidino Ndou aka "chidino" on the spot, trying to get a rare glimpse of his creativity and vision in the film industry. The Only Truth always go out of its way meeting endowned people in order to unlesh talents and make you fully acquainted with your favourates Celebs.

The Only Truth:What is the name of your Company and what is all about?
Chidino:My Company is called Dzhatsha Films and its main function is to produce and distribute movies. The company has been operating for two years now.

The Only Truth:Tell us, what inspired you to get started in filmmaking?
Chidino:Naturally movies are my passion. There are great African stories to be told all around us. When it started in the 90's I had already directed and acted in the registered no-profit organization, Dzhatsha Community Theater which I co-founded with my three younger brothers, Jeffry Ndou, Takalani Ndou, and Mukondeleli Ndou. Growing up watching Mr. T of the "A Team" and Michael Knight of "Night Rider" in the 80's on a black and white television eventually blossomed into a love of movies and I decided that making films is what I wanted to do with my life. I also drew inspiration from my father whom I will always adore for supporting Dzhatsha Community Theater by offering costumes for stage acting. May his soul rest in peace!

The Only Truth:How many films have you produced?
ChidinoI have produced and directed five films to date

The Only Truth:How did you breakthrough to the movie industry?
Chidino:My fist breakthrough was when I got involved in the post office "Big Shoot" commercial ad for SABC in 2001, since then I have been involved in numerous films and television productions such as Jozi Streets, Crossing the line, All you need is love, AVBOB and Ashifashabba television show. In 2005 I established my own company, Dzhatsha Films, where I wrote and directed movies such as "Mphemphe i a netisa", "Mathaithai", "Hudo bvuma na fhasi" and "Hudo dzula nnyi", which features SABC2 drama Muvhango actors, Mrs Murabeli Elsie Rasalanavho and the late Jackee Muleya who played the role of Tshianeo in Muvhango.

The Only Truth:What kind of films do you enjoy making?
Chidino:Without settling boundries, my passion is in comedy films, but I also love doing romantic stories.

The Only Truth:One of the biggest challanges facing filmmakers in South Africa is piracy. Is piracy a big issue for you?
Chidino:You see, at the end of the day will find that our movies sell quite well, but they don't sell as much as they should. We don't really have great turnover as it should be. People should be educated that piracy hinders our development.

The Only Truth:Apart from piracy what are other problems you are currently facing?
Chidino:Honestly, funding is hard. At some point, I realise I would never make a living off my movies, and that is why I often cast non-professional actors in my filmr due to our low budget production.

The Only Truth:Can you tell us some of the talented actors you would like to wnrk with?
Chidino:My best actors are in Nollywood. I would enjoy directing Rita Domnic, Patience Ozokwo, Clarion Chukwurah, Mercy Jonson, John Okafor (MR. IBU), fransis Duru, Nkemowoh (Osoufia) to mention but few. These actors are able to bring out the best in them and make me believe in the story. If they have to cry, they really do cry.

The Only Truth:Are you in anyway threatened by other film production companies in the industry?
ChidinoGosh! What are other companies? Competition is good but I don't really see any local company that is threatening us. However, we need more film production companies to come forth and produce many films for our people. I don't think I should feel threatened by any formation of a Movie Company. For me it is when you've gone international that's when we can begin to talk of competiton. Perhaps we are threatened by Hollywood.

The Only Truth:Is the anything that makes your company different from others?
Chidino:Yes, we are a fully registered film producer and distributor. We are also a registered member of a film and Publication Board. All our films are reviewed and rated for public viewing.

The only Truth:Are you intending collaborating with other filmmakers?
Chidino:Yeah, I was contacted by Murendeni Ramunenyiwa who played as Lambani on Muvhango and Shonisani Muleya commonly known as Shabba to do a movie together. Murendeni was challanged by my drama "Hudo dzula nnyi" while Shabba was impressed by Mathaithai Comedy.

The Only Truth:Without giving things aways, what are you working on now?
ChidinoYeah, im currently shooting a musical movie, 'I want to be a star' which is set for release latter this year. The film is based on the life story of a beautiful women and young charismatic girl, Beyonce who wa

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Musangwe -The Mysterious Venda Combat

Like singing, fighting has always been an African tradition; Vhavenda tribe in South Africa has own fighting club tradition called Musangwe which dates back from 18 centuries about 300 year old. This anual event takes place at Tshifudi cattle dip where any male from the age of nine battle for pride. Other African Tribes make use of fighting sticks (Nduku) like Zulu (Nguni) while vhaVenda people go at it hummer and tongs with their bare hands. In addition, Nigeria in West Africa also has a Traditional Boxing called Dambe (also known as Kokawa) which is associated with Hausa People. It is arguable that African Tradition glorifies masculinity; a man is then defined by the strength, power and influence he has among other men or community as a whole. A man is also expected to protect his family in every circumstances. The Musangwe combat or the fight in African tradition is regarded as a game and a means to gain status and respect among community.

The magnitudes of people draw together around a dust patch scrambling to get a better view of their local favorites exchanging fists with other potential oponents. While men leave for Tshifudi battling field, women are left behind to do household tasks. According to Venda tradition women are not allowed to attend or physically participate in Musangwe combat.

In the olden days, boys primary responsibility was to head cattle and they used to battle every time when they took cattle to the dipping area, that's the reason Musangwe even today takes place near a dip because that's where boys used to gather. Perhaps is another reason women are not allowed to participate in Musangwe, but other people belive that something awful happens to women menstruation circle if they dare attend the event.

Musangwe is always under control. One of the traditional healer maintain that muti and other rituals traditional healers perfome before the annual event could actualy kick start help to keep calm and control on the battle field. According to the roports there has been only one repported death of 'Belingwe' who was allegedly killed by Frans Malala with a puch during Musangwe fight. It is also stated that after the death, the investigating magistrate asked Frans to kill a donky with a one blow to prove Belingwe's death was an accident. "he hit the donkey and it fell and magistrate could see that he was very strong".

There are actually rules in Musangwe; they're just not written in stone. At least one of them being that a downed opponent cannot be hit. There isn't an official to dictate this rule, but there are spectators armed with whipping sticks to let it be known that enough is enough. The second rule regards challenges. One fighter can challenge any other fighter by presenting his fist to his potential opponent. This makes for an electric atmosphere.

There's a constant mix of seasoned veterans looking to popularize their masculinity, fighters seeking to put on a show. At times, the Musangwe combatants seem controlled by an unseen forces. Fighting styles become unnatural, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Everyone believes supernatural forces are at work. People also believe that it depends on how strong your muti is, the weaker the muti the powerless you will become.

There are three levels of fighters. Young boys, dubbed "mambibi", encouraged to play fight by their fathers. Then there are the teenage fighters, the "Rovhasize". But it's the experienced fighters that everyone come to see. The champions.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Former prisoners held at Robben Island

I salute you for hard work and sacrifice, you and many others completed a quest of making South Africa a democratic country. I have never been a prisoner before, but I comprehend that it is not a place where every one would aspires to be in, especially during those harsh epoch of Apartheid. Today I declare myself free because of your determined vision and struggle.

Here is the list of some of the former prisoners held at Robben Island. Remember that Robben Island served as a place of banishment, seclusion and imprisonment. But today it is a World Heritage site and museum; it is a heartbreaking reminder to the newly democratic South Africa. Today we salute these people and many others who were not held to prison:

• Nelson Mandela
• Govan Mbeki
• Jacob Zuma
• Autshumato
• Dannis Brutus
• Patric Chamusso
• Laloo Chiba
• Eddie Daniels
• Jerry Ekanjo
• Nceba Faku
• Petrus Iilonga
• Ahmed Kathrada
• Gamzo Mandierd
• Billy Nair
• Langalibalele
• Mosiuoa Lekota
• Mac Maharai
• Chief Maqoma
• Gaus Shikomba
• Makana
• Michael Matsobane
• Jeff Masemola
• Wilton Mkhayi
• Murphy Morobe
• Sayed Adurohman Moturu
• Griffiths Mxenge
• M.D. Naidoo
• John Nkosi
• Mongqawuse
• Maqana Nxele
• George Peake
• John Nyathi pokela
• Walter Sisulu
• Robert sobukwe
• Andimba Toivo ya Toivo


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About 300 Gays plan Kissing in front of the Pope

Gay rights activists said they are planning a homosexual kissing protest in front of Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Barcelona, spain in so called Flashmob protest. "we are hoping for a crowd of people of the same sex who will kiss each other for two minutes in front of the Pope", said one of the organisers, Marylene Carole. Sunday Times reported. The organisers also complained that Facebook had taken down two "event pages" titled "Queer Kissing Flashmob" that were being used to advertise the protest, without giving a clear explanation. They expect about 300 Gay people to attend the protest.

Well, I would like to applaud Facebook team for removing the page that was being used to mobilise people to join in the protest. The fact is Facebook has its policies and regulations; most importantly it is also being used by children at their tender age, so you can understand the menace of running sexual meteria on a social network like Facebook.

Why are Gays so besotted about Pope's opinion of them? Does kissing in public for two minutes going to change the Pope's and other people's minds? It appears as if gay people are not sure if they are doing the right thing so they want Pope's approval. Are they guilty conscious? There is no need to prove a point if you are doing the right thing. A call for Gay acceptance it's like a call for prostitution approval, it will take sometime for others to accept. Prostituts are still fighting for recognition but to no avail. This protest will cause more fury and Gays shouldn't be surprised to again find themselves in a quandary. Don't get me wrong, I'm just stating the facts.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Gay Ugandans targeted after exposed by newspapers

Gays have been attacked after 100 people listed in an October 9 article in Uganda’s Rolling Stone Newspaper (created by journalism students), which featured a list of homosexuals. One of the sickening things is that the Newspaper ran a bright yellow banner that reads: “Hang them”. The Mail & Guardian Online reports that 3 people have been attacked and many more are hiding since the publicity.

As a media practitioner it turns my stomach to hear that the media itself are the ones who are fueling phobia against homosexuals. I mean, the media should know better, the role of the media is neither to incite violence nor to violate other people’s human rights. The media have the principal responsibility to restore calm in times of war and violence; they are the ones that should be on the fore front quelling the situation. South African Media did very well during the Xenophobia era; adverts were run discouraging perpetrators from Xenophobia acts, even the reporting itself was superb. The media have the most influential power on people; we are who we are because of the media. That’s the reasons that make many governments want to control the media; it’s because of its power. They know that once you control the media you control the mind sets of the people.

The Rolling Stone editor astonishingly defended the publishing of photos, addresses of homosexuals and the bold headline “Hang them” as a public interest. How disgusting, what happened to distancing your feelings and believes from a story. The most horrible is that the newspaper in question (Rolling Stone) belongs to journalism students, what kind of journalism is they being taught? They are practicing street journalism.

“Many Ugandans regard homosexual as a western import and say it’s against their traditional cultural beliefs” how many western imports have they swallowed without grumble? I’m a proud African and I value my culture, but I also think culture change with times. That is the reason we are not Africans of yesterdays, our tradition does not tolerate women to dress in trousers or pants but women today are doing just that and no one is being killed.

The so called “Global Village” is rapidly killing African culture, but I do not encourage the killing of one of us just to protect tradition. Those people who are calling for the death penalty of gays are also in some way playing big role on the dearth of African culture. The blame can not be pinned on gay community alone.

The Ugandans government has no ignominy in drafting a bill that would have imposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts and life imprison for others. I’m not encouraging other African Countries to follow South African foot steps in making gay marriage legal but I’m calling for tolerance, lets not kill other people for who they really are. I wonder what would those people (who call for gay’s death penalty) do if one of their children tomorrow turns gay, would they kill him? Humm!

I’m disappointed in you fellow Africans

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Celine Dion named one of twin after Nelson Mandela

It's a good gesture that many people across the globe recognize the kindness of our icon Tata Nelson Mandela. Celine Dion in a report by one of the newspapers said she names her child after Nelson Mandela because she was impressed by Mandela's humanity. Celine and her husband Reno want their children to be inspired by their names. I expect many children to come to be name after this icon.

It is substantiation that when you do good deeds you will be honored even before you are dead. Remember the 2002 World Cup in Korea Japan; countless children who were born in Brazil during that World Cup were named after a Brazilian striker Ronaldo. Naming something after a person is a great honor, we name buildings, bridges and places after people's names, I acclaim Celine Dion and her husband for this one.

A name has a powerful influence in our lives; most of children with bad names always do dreadful things. If a child is named after his father "junior" he always tries to ensure that he resembles his father in what ever he does. That's the power of a name.

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