Monday, November 1, 2010

Gay Ugandans targeted after exposed by newspapers

Gays have been attacked after 100 people listed in an October 9 article in Uganda’s Rolling Stone Newspaper (created by journalism students), which featured a list of homosexuals. One of the sickening things is that the Newspaper ran a bright yellow banner that reads: “Hang them”. The Mail & Guardian Online reports that 3 people have been attacked and many more are hiding since the publicity.

As a media practitioner it turns my stomach to hear that the media itself are the ones who are fueling phobia against homosexuals. I mean, the media should know better, the role of the media is neither to incite violence nor to violate other people’s human rights. The media have the principal responsibility to restore calm in times of war and violence; they are the ones that should be on the fore front quelling the situation. South African Media did very well during the Xenophobia era; adverts were run discouraging perpetrators from Xenophobia acts, even the reporting itself was superb. The media have the most influential power on people; we are who we are because of the media. That’s the reasons that make many governments want to control the media; it’s because of its power. They know that once you control the media you control the mind sets of the people.

The Rolling Stone editor astonishingly defended the publishing of photos, addresses of homosexuals and the bold headline “Hang them” as a public interest. How disgusting, what happened to distancing your feelings and believes from a story. The most horrible is that the newspaper in question (Rolling Stone) belongs to journalism students, what kind of journalism is they being taught? They are practicing street journalism.

“Many Ugandans regard homosexual as a western import and say it’s against their traditional cultural beliefs” how many western imports have they swallowed without grumble? I’m a proud African and I value my culture, but I also think culture change with times. That is the reason we are not Africans of yesterdays, our tradition does not tolerate women to dress in trousers or pants but women today are doing just that and no one is being killed.

The so called “Global Village” is rapidly killing African culture, but I do not encourage the killing of one of us just to protect tradition. Those people who are calling for the death penalty of gays are also in some way playing big role on the dearth of African culture. The blame can not be pinned on gay community alone.

The Ugandans government has no ignominy in drafting a bill that would have imposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts and life imprison for others. I’m not encouraging other African Countries to follow South African foot steps in making gay marriage legal but I’m calling for tolerance, lets not kill other people for who they really are. I wonder what would those people (who call for gay’s death penalty) do if one of their children tomorrow turns gay, would they kill him? Humm!

I’m disappointed in you fellow Africans

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Celine Dion named one of twin after Nelson Mandela

It's a good gesture that many people across the globe recognize the kindness of our icon Tata Nelson Mandela. Celine Dion in a report by one of the newspapers said she names her child after Nelson Mandela because she was impressed by Mandela's humanity. Celine and her husband Reno want their children to be inspired by their names. I expect many children to come to be name after this icon.

It is substantiation that when you do good deeds you will be honored even before you are dead. Remember the 2002 World Cup in Korea Japan; countless children who were born in Brazil during that World Cup were named after a Brazilian striker Ronaldo. Naming something after a person is a great honor, we name buildings, bridges and places after people's names, I acclaim Celine Dion and her husband for this one.

A name has a powerful influence in our lives; most of children with bad names always do dreadful things. If a child is named after his father "junior" he always tries to ensure that he resembles his father in what ever he does. That's the power of a name.

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