Quotes By Venda People

1. "All those big buildings that you see and all those nice things that you may think of belongs to the boss. Everything is just unfair". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

2. "Africa is the mother land, the mother of creation. The history say so" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

3. "I shall speak and stand for you Africa, even if I fall I will fall for you". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

4. "I was not evoluted, I was created. If your father was an ape then my father is man". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

5. "Tshisafheli tshi a tula, tsho bebwaho tshofa" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

6. "Never mind what the people say, rastafara is the way of life". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

7. "Wisdom is too high for a fool". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

8. "Makhuwa avhatendi uri shangoni huna vhuloi huno filimuni dzavho a vha lowani zwone"
Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

9. "Heli shango linwe duvha lido duga". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

10. "Rothe ri a fana, ripfa u vhavha u fana, malofha ndi matswuku a a fana, ri fhira shangoni u fana". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

11. "Mutukana wanga thetshelesa ndi tshi u laya, funa ndivho a ungasi dovhe wa shaya". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

12. "we are Africans one Africa". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

13. "Rine ri vhana vha Israel, vhaduhulu vha Jacob, ro vhidzwa vhahedeni nga dzitshaka dza dzitshikha; tshaka dzi sa ili tshithu" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

14. "Vhanwe vhala ro sedza, vha ri zwi difha ro talelwa" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

15. "Ro no nana ri a hangwa, ra hangwa mune washu ene o teaho tshifhinga. Vhathu tshifhinga a si tshashu" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

16. "No man who respects his fellow man again, every man is controlled by ego". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

17. "Tshelede ndi sathane, phukha heyo a ina nwana wa mme". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

18. "Ninga dzula mudini u re na zwothe, zwothe zwiliwa zwihone, fhedzi ni sa funani zwothe a zwi nga tshimbili". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

19. "Muthu a si tshitangadzime". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

20. "Rothe ro sikwa nga Yehova mupfumi, mushai, mudai, vhakereki na dzimbabva rothe ri a fana. Rothe ro tshinya lufuno ludo ri kwakwanya". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

21. "Vhunzhi ha vhathu wa vhudzisesa, vha divha Mudzimu e mukhuwa, vha divha sathane e murema. Ni vha vhudze thi vha luvheledzi" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

22. "Munwe na munwe una mukovhe wawe". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

23. "Shangoni a huna vhuawelo". Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

24. "They used to say He has got the colour, can't you see them painting white? He is not white it is a lie" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

25. "Tshiseo tshanu thi tshi funi; tshiseo tsha mano a nngwa. Na hone nowa yo vhonalaho a i lumi" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

26. "U tambula na midifho ndi ya lino shango zwothe zwi do vhuya zwa fhela"
Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

27. "Muthu wa u thoma o vha e mutsu na makhuwa vha kho ralo; vhanwe vhathu vhatsu vha kho hana" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

28. "Africa is the motherland, the mother of civilization. The I and I say so" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

29. "Pfanelo dzi kho dalesa, hu vho to u nga hu do vhuya ha vha na dzipfanelo dza dzipani zwothe zwigodelo na phulethi" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule (Khakhathi&Friends)

30. "Vhana vha zwino ndi dzingowa vha aluwa vhusiku" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

31. "Mudini ndi fhethu he hada muthu, wanga mudi ndi a mu livhuwa" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

32. "Mudi munwe na munwe u na mafhungo, u sina mafhungo ndi wa mufhiri" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

33. "Milomo ya vhavhi i fula zwisolo" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

34. "Nangwe nda to ni funa hani kana nda ni shavhedza hani, divhani uri dindi a si lithihi" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

35. "U vhulaya muthu a si nga tshihali fhedzi na mulomo ndi bomo khulu" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

36. "Zwinwe zwo aluwa makete, ipfani zwivhori makete ndi tshikha" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

37. "U alusa nwana zwi a dzhia shango lothe" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

38. "Hu si kale na u bvisa muya ri vhonga ri do badeliswa" Quote by Khakhathi Tshisikule

39. "Ahuna tsha mahala, mana yo wela vhakale na hone a i nga dovhi" Quote by Colbert Mukwevho

40. "Fear paralised chickens that saw a Hawk, to run away was a mistake, to sit back was a blunder. For to snatch was its only purpose". Quote by RN Madadzhe

41. "HAPPINESS: Rivers I have crossed, ocens sailed, plains traversed and mountains climbed. Searching for it in vain". Quote by RN Madadzhe

42. "All the letters I have perused, All degrees one after another I have acquired from Cape Town to Helsinki for New York to Sydney. My name became the Bible of many a scholar. Searching for Hapiness, but my hapiness still shone like a mirage in the distance". Quote by RN Madadzhe

43. "Dont allow yourself to remain where you are, you need to stand up and reach your goals" Quote by Humbulani Netshandama

44. we must pay tribute to the struggling masses of this country.
It was them that freed Nelson Mandela. Quote by Cyril ramaphosa

45. The release of Nelson Mandela was not an isolated moment. It wasn’t a miracle. Nor was it achieved out of the goodness of anyone’s heart. It was the result of an all-round intensification of the struggle against apartheid through mass action and mass defiance, armed struggle, international isolation and diplomatic engagement. Quote by Cyril ramaphosa

46.The capacity for innovation began here in Africa.Quote by Cyril ramaphosa

47. I believe that the term entrepreneur should be reserved for those individuals who demonstrate particular characteristics or attributes - such as dynamism, innovation, resourcefulness and self motivation.Quote by Cyril ramaphosa


Kevin tshikomba said...

They normally say what is hard to bear, is sweet to remember. Preparation meeting opportunities is equal success.

Thabo Amos said...

Very inspiring....

Unarine Phaswana said...

Very inspiring,from generation to generation

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